Is R350 Grant Increased To R700?

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Is R350 Grant Increased To R700?

Is R350 Grant Increased To R700? The R350 Grant has been a crucial form of financial relief for vulnerable individuals in South Africa. As rumours circulate about a potential increase in the grant amount from R350 to R700, many people are eager to find out the truth. In this article, we will delve into the latest updates and provide you with accurate information regarding the R350 Grant and any potential increase. Stay informed and discover the facts about this important government assistance program.


Is R350 Grant Increased To R700?

Recent rumours and discussions have surfaced regarding a potential increase in the R350 Grant amount to R700. While these rumours have generated anticipation among the public, it is important to rely on official announcements and verified information to ascertain the truth.


Sassa Official Statements

The SRD grant is NOT being increased, however, the grant is being extended until 31 March 2024. The confusion about the R624 amount is that SASSA increased the means test threshold to R624 per month – this means that you must NOT earn more than R624 per month in order to apply for the SRD grant (effective from August 2022). Previously, the maximum income amount to qualify for the grant was R350. Increasing the maximum income threshold, means more cash-strapped South Africans are able to qualify for the Covid-19 grant.

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The R350 Grant’s Amount Paid:

The R350 Grant was initially set at a monthly amount of R350. This grant was distributed on a monthly basis to eligible recipients who met the necessary criteria outlined by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).


How To Stay Informed About Any Changes or Updates Related To The R350 Grant

To stay informed about any changes or updates related to the R350 Grant, consider the following steps:

  • Regularly visit the official SASSA website ( for news and announcements.
  • Follow reputable news sources that report on government policies and social grants.
  • Monitor the official social media channels of SASSA for any updates or announcements regarding the R350 Grant.


SASSA Contact Details


While rumours of an increase in the R350 Grant amount to R700 have circulated, it is important to rely on verified information and official announcements from the South African government and SASSA. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to refer to trusted news sources and official government channels. For more information, please visit SASSA Grant’s official website.