Moya App SASSA Grants Payout Dates 2024/2025

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Moya App SASSA Grants Payout Dates 2024/2025

Moya App SASSA Grants Payout Dates 2024/2025, Moya App SASSA Grants Payout Dates

The Moya app is your fingertips away from chatting, messaging, and calling. It’s a FREE app for anyone on a partnered mobile network operator, The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has released the payment dates for its social grants. Following this announcement, some Sassa applicants will wonder whether they can receive their SRD grant payment for September through the Moya app. Popular mobile app Moya gives users access to a number of services, including checking the status and payout dates of their SASSA grants. To ensure you receive the financial support you require, it’s more crucial than ever to be aware of SASSA grant distribution dates given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the economic toll it has taken on many South Africans. see more below.

Moya App SASSA Grants Payout Dates

It’s crucial to keep in mind that payment schedules can change based on how quickly your application is processed and accepted. You might get paid sooner than candidates who submitted their applications later if your application is approved earlier. It’s crucial to remember that payment deadlines can change, so you should frequently check your status to keep current.

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Checking Your Sassa Status with Sassa App/Moya App

If you’re a SASSA grant recipient and you use the Moya app, checking your grant payout dates is easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download the Moya app: If you haven’t already done so, download the Moya app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Register and log in: Once you have the app, register and log in using your phone number and password.
  3. Access the SASSA services: In the app, click on the “Services” button and select “SASSA” from the list of available services.
  4. Check your payout date: On the SASSA page, you’ll be able to check your payout date for your grant. You can also view your grant balance and transaction history.
  5. It’s important to note that the Moya app is a secure platform, and all personal information is protected by advanced security measures. As a SASSA grant recipient, you can use the app to access your grant payout dates and other SASSA services with confidence.
  6. If you don’t have access to the Moya app, there are other ways to check your SASSA grant payout dates. You can visit a local SASSA office or call the SASSA toll-free number on 0800 60 10 11 for assistance.

How to use Moya Umoya for SASSA SRD R350

As soon as the app has been downloaded and installed from the links above, launch it like any other new app.

  • Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions and select the appropriate option.
  • Select SASSA SRD or “SRD Zero Rated” under “Discovery”.
  • You will be directed to the official website of SRD where you can manage your account with services such as apps, check status, request reconsideration, undo or redo canceled apps, and more. Like anyone who uses a website directly through a web browser, you can do anything with the Moya app.

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Sassa Contact Details

080060 10 11

Call SASSA at 080060 10 11 or e-mail

or visit SASSA official website here

In conclusion, checking your SASSA grant payout dates is an important step in ensuring that you receive the financial support you need during these challenging times. With the Moya app, checking your payout dates is easy and convenient. If you’re a SASSA grant recipient, download the app today and stay informed about your grant status and payout dates. Remember to keep your personal information safe and secure, and seek assistance if you need it.