SASSA Application

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SASSA Application

SASSA Application | Once you are a citizen of South Africa who for some reason is in need of financial support, it is people like you for whom the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) was created in the year 2005. The agency has a number of different kinds of grants for qualified applicants.

The different grants available at the agency include child support grants, disability grants, and old age grants, and social relief distress grants. Sometimes, application process for some of these grants is overwhelming because of the documents needed and other  times because of the questions being asked. In this article, we are going to guide you through how to apply for the SASSA grants without any stress.

Once you follow the step by step guide provided here, you must be able to apply for the appropriate grant you need.

Here are some tips on how to apply for a SASSA grant:

  1. First find out if you quality: Prior to applying for any of the grants offered by SASSA, find out if you quality for that particular grant. Find out the requirements for the specific grant you want to apply for and be sure that you meet all the requirements and are eligible. Your eligibility depends on the type of grant you want since all the grants are different and as such will warrant different documents. So before you start, visit the official site of the SASSA to be sure that you have gone through all the requirements of what you are applying for.
  2. Put together the documents you need: After going through the site and making sure you have selected the type of grant you need, you are now going to look for all the documents that are required. Some of these will include your proof of residence if you are applying as a permanent resident, or our proof of citizenship if you are applying as a citizen. Your bank account details, since that is where the money will be paid. Your proof of income, if you claim you earn below minimum wage. Once all your documents are set, you can put them together and proceed to apply.
  3. Fill the application form and submit: Once all your documents are set, you can now go ahead and fill your application form. If you are applying online, you can go ahead and fill the form online, if you want to apply in person too, you can visit the office of the secretariat, and if you are doing it through the WhatsApp line of the agency too, you can send a WhatsApp to the agency’s line for prompts.
  4. Be patient for a response: Once your application has been submitted, you have to be patient as the agency has thousands of applicants to deal with. You will receive a response confirming the receipt of your application and then you will also be given a reference number that you will use to track the status of your application.

Application process for the SASSA grants

The application process for the SASSA grants are straightforward and can be done online or in person. Here are the steps to follow:

SASSA has made it easy to apply for any of their grants by providing an online application process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Open to the official SASSA site. Locate the type of grant you want, click on it and then click on the “Apply Here” button beneath the grant type.

Step 2: Once you click on the “apply now” button a new page will open that will require you to put in your personal details. These will include your name, your surname, your ID number, your contact information, and your residence. You must be certain that you are providing the right information. Any false information will disqualify you.

Step 3: After filling in your personal details, the next information that will be needed from you is your bank account information. Since the agency prefers to deposit your stipend into a bank account, it is very important not to skip this step. If for any reason you don’t have an account, enter any of the main banks and have one opened for yourself.

Step 4: Following your successful provision of an account, you can now proceed to put in documents that give proof of the information you have provided. These include, your South African citizen ID, if  you are a permanent resident too, your proof of residence. Because of how important this step is, ensure that these documents are ready before you begin the application process.

Step 5: Last but not the least, go through your application just to be certain that everything you have provided about you is correct, once you have done that, go ahead and “submit” it. An SMS on your phone will let you know that your application has been received.

In-person application:

  1. Locate the nearest SASSA office to you.
  2. Ask for an application form for the specific grant you want and fill it, providing all the needed details.
  3. Once done, submit the application form together with all the required documents.
  4. Wait patiently for your application to be processed.

SASSA Application Dates

Since its inception in the year 2005, the application dates have remained opened because, people fall into various situations that require help all the time. It is the payment dates however that are usually set.

In conclusion

You have to ensure that you have all your documents set before you begin any application process for a grant from the SASSA if you intend to. Even though the application process can be cumbersome, the guides provided here are meant to lesson that burden so you can easily go through it without much stress.