Sassa Dates January 2024-2025

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Sassa Dates January 2024-2025

Sassa Dates January 2024-2025; Payment Dates And Methods

January Dates Sassa is the period in which payments are made to beneficiaries in January. The grants serve as financial support to financially needy individuals in South Africa.

SASSA social grant payment times might vary based on criteria such as the type of award and the recipient’s identification number. SASSA payments are generally made on a monthly basis, with varying dates allotted to different categories of recipients.

To get the most up-to-date information on SASSA January payment dates in January or any other month, go to the official SASSA website or call their hotline.

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Sassa Dates January

Funds by SASSA are given on the first of the month for recipients who get payments through banks, and on the first few days of the month for beneficiaries who receive payments through alternative channels, such as cash payments or electronic payment systems like EasyPay or Pick n Pay. Sassa payment dates for January;

January 2024

  • Older Persons or Pensioners Grants: Wednesday, 3 January 2024
  • Disability Grants: Thursday, 4 January 2024
  • Children’s and all other Grants: Friday, 5 January 2024

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SASSA Payment Method

Sassa payments can be deposited into the recipient’s bank account on a monthly basis or the recipient can be paid directly by cash.  To be eligible for the award, you must have an active bank account and cell phone number registered in your name, with a South African licenced financial institution.

  • You can make payment at any bank ATM, using your SASSA gold card
  • You can also make payment at a collection point like Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer and USave stores

If you want to avoid the long queues on payment dates, you should wait a few days to collect your grant money – this will save you hours of time waiting in line to receive your funds.

Types Of Sassa Grants Available 2024-2025

Sassa provides a variety of Grants. Below is a list of Grabnts provided and available for application;

  • Care Dependency Grants

The Care Dependency Grant is available to parents, foster parents, or primary carers who have a child under the age of 18 who requires full-time care due to a mental or physical persistent handicap. The youngster must be receiving permanent home care rather than care at a state-funded facility. The current grant amount is R2 080 per month for each child.

  • Child Support Grants

The Child Support Grant is intended for a primary carer of a child under the age of 18 (the primary carer can be a parent, grandparent, or anybody above the age of 16 who is the principal person responsible for the child’s care). The award is intended for low-income citizens who require financial support to care for a kid or children. The current grant amount is R500 per month per child.

  • Disability Grant

The Disability Grant is available to South African residents between the ages of 18 and 59 who have a temporary or permanent, severe handicap. The current grant amount is R2 080 per month (although, because this award is based on a sliding scale, those with greater private income would receive a reduced grant amount).

  • Foster Child Grant

The Foster child Grant is a payment made to a foster parent of a kid under the age of 18 who has a valid court order. The award is intended for foster parents who require financial support to care for a foster kid or children. The current grant amount is R1 120 per month per kid.

  • Older Person Grant

The Older Persons Grant is available to residents over the age of 60 who do not receive any other social grants. The current stipend amount is R2 080 per person per month (if between 60 and 75 years old) and R2 100 per person per month (if above 75 years old).

  • Grant-In-Aid

The Grant-In-Aid is intended for current social grant beneficiaries who are unable to care for themselves and wish to hire someone to care for them full-time. The current monthly grant amount is R500.

  • War Veterans Grant

The War Veterans Grant is available to South African residents who participated in the Second World War or the Korean War and are over the age of 60 or handicapped. The current monthly grant amount is R2 100.

Contact SASSA

For any further queries, please contact SASSA directly:

  • Contact the SASSA Toll-Free Call centre on 0800 60 10 11
  • Contact the SASSA Head Office on 012 400 2322
  • Email SASSA Head Office at:
  • Contact details of SASSA offices across the country: SASSA contact details

Beneficiaries should be aware that the above-mentioned payment dates are subject to change. SASSA makes every effort to inform such changes in advance via multiple channels in order to minimise any disruption.

For more information visit the official website of Sassa.