Sassa R350 Payment Dates For August 2024

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Sassa R350 Payment Dates For August 2024

Sassa R350 Payment Dates For August 2024: If you are a South African who lost their source of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The SRD grant is worth R350 and is meant to provide temporary relief to those who are struggling financially. It’s important to know the payment dates for the SRD grant to plan your finances effectively. In this article, we will be discussing the SASSA R350 payment dates for August.

The payment dates for the SRD grant are usually the same each month unless the payment date falls on a weekend or public holiday. For the month of August, SASSA payment dates are as follows:


When Will SASSA R350 Payments Be Made in August?

SASSA R350 grant payment dates are different for every person. Normally the pay is on the 20th of each month, and if the 20th falls on a weekend, the next business day is the payday. To check your exact R350 pay date, check your SASSA status. Sassa R350 August payment will be made on the 21st of August 2023


How Do I Collect My SASSA 2024 Grant Payment?

If you’re a beneficiary of any of the SASSA grants, then I’m sure you have selected a payment method with which you receive your grant’s payment. If so, you’ll collect your February SASSA Grant payment via your chosen payment method. The SASSA payment methods include bank payment, ATMs, and Retailers like Shoprite, U-Save, Boxer, Pick n Pay, and Checkers.

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You will receive the SRD Grant as long as you meet the requirements. Applicants are no longer required to reconfirm their grant applications, due to SASSA’s amended regulations.


SASSA Grants Contact Details

For any further queries, please contact SASSA directly:


The SASSA SRD grant is a crucial source of support for many South Africans who are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing when your payment will be made is essential for managing your finances. By checking your payment date and keeping your contact details up-to-date, you can ensure that you receive your payment on time. We hope that this article has provided you with all the information you need to know about SASSA SRD payment dates for August 2024. For more information, please visit SASSA Grant’s official website.