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SASSA, or the South African Social Security Agency, is an organization that belongs to the government, and their work is to aid to South Africans who qualify for the aid. The work of the SASSA is a very important on in the country considering the fact that it helps people who are weak and vulnerable in the society. These people are given help in the forms of social security, grants, pensions and more. These all come in the form of financial help.


With time, a lot of citizens of South Africa need help, and it has become imperative that they get to know how to find the help they need. Since the SASSA offers this help, we will in this article show you how find help with the SASSA, we will also explore information about the organization, some of the information will include the history of the organization, its mission or the work it is established to do, and the services the organization  offers. In this article we shall also delve into some tips that would help you find out more about the organization


History and Mission

The South African Social Security Agency came to birth in the year 2005 as a government agency with the sole work of providing social security assistance to South Africa citizens. The core aim of the organization is to provide a detailed system that enables the vulnerable to access the assistance they need.


The services offered by the organization include but not limited to the following: Pensions, the Old Age Pension, the Disability Grant, and more. For a lot of South Africans, especially the old aged, these are very essential needs that helps them to better their standard of living.


Apart from providing assistance to the needy and vulnerable in South Africa, the organization also manages and distributes the social security benefits to citizens in a very efficient and effective way. In collaboration with the other governmental ministries, departments, agencies, and stakeholders the organization works to me sure its activities are executed in an effective and efficient manner and are reliable to those who need them and easily accessible as well.


How to Find Information about SASSA Online

Considering how voluminous information is on the internet about the organization, it can be such a daunting task looking for information about it. As promised in this article, here are a few clues to help you get information about the organization.


When searching for information about the agency’s office, first make use of terms that are exactly what you want. These must be the exact terms you might be searching for like “SASSA aged support Grant”


Also, you should visit the official site of the agency: This is the place where exact services of the organization can be found, and then you can also reach the offices directly, for example, if you want to know if you qualify any grant of a sort from the organization and how to apply for it.


Search for other articles and journals: Articles and journals can be very helpful and provide a lot of information about the organization and their works. When you are searching, try to make use of works like “SASSA news” or “social security South Africa”



To conclude, the SASSA’s work is a very crucial one in the life of the vulnerable and needy in South Africa. Therefore, knowing how to get this information is very important and will greatly aid in how one can access the needed information. This is because the vulnerable need help to improve their quality of life. As you use specific terminologies, and glance through the official site of the organization, and then searching for relevant articles and journals you will better your chances of getting the relevant information about the SASSA.