SRD Status Approved But No Pay Date 2024-2025

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SRD Status Approved But No Pay Date 2024-2025

SRD Status Approved But No Pay Date 2024-2025

The SRD programme is intended to give persons in financial difficulties with short-term assistance. Typically, government institutions or social welfare organisations provide this assistance. When you apply for SRD benefits, your application is reviewed to determine your eligibility and qualification. When your application is approved, it is marked as “Approved” in the system.

In some cases, even after completing the application process for the R350 grant, applicants may not get their R350 payout. This can occur if the verification procedure is flawed or if there are too many outstanding applications on the site. SASSA is highly strict on grant eligibility and approval, including the SRD R350.

if you have completed all of the essential information correctly and meet the SASSA criteria for SRD R350, it may take at least a week or ten days for your application to be granted.

NOTE: Only once you have received the confirmation message will you be given your payment date.

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Causes of SRD Status Approved But No Pay Date

If you applied for the R350 grant online through the SASSA website, you should have received a confirmation message as well as the date of payment for your first monthly payment of the 6-month plan.

If you have not received the notice or the sum of 350 Rands has not been sent to your account, the following reasons may be to blame. Even after your SRD status has been approved, a number of reasons can contribute to the lack of a pay date. These elements include;

  • Inaccurate Information

The information you provide in your application form is tested and verified via the database that the government has, Therefore, Your ID number, income, Bank balance, account number, mobile number, address, and living conditions must be accurate. However, in a situation like this, applicants must Change or Correct the details.

  • Overload Because Of Millions Of Applicants

Many more grants are provided by the Sassa for other segments of society, such as children, the old, and orphans. Among these, the number of applications for the SRD programme alone exceeds 7 million. Before sending the award amount, these applications are validated and this can take some time, and any disruption in the verification process can result in a delay or cancellation in some situations. In cases like this, applicants must be considerate and wait for about a week.

  • The Bank Account Exceeds The Minimum Threshold

If your bank account balance exceeds 624 Rands and this is discovered by SASSA during the verification process, your application will be invalidated. To avoid this, applicants are advised to lower the balance in their bank account.

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Contact Sassa

Head Office and Regional Contacts

Mr Themba Matlou

28 Harrison Street
Private Bag X120

Tel: 011 241 8320
Fax: 011 241 8305

Branch Coordinator:

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Ms Zodwa Mvulane

43 Landros Mare Street

Private Bag X9677

You can boost the likelihood of a resolution by recognising the probable causes and taking proactive efforts to solve the issue. Visit the official website of Sassa for more information.